Thursday, December 19, 2019


I laugh a lot
and I keep telling best friend about random stories
like,... a lot

what is wrong with you?

but still,
I smile
and I join their happiness

what is wrong with you again?

your outside and inside
it did not match at all

which one is you?

you kept too much things by your own.
do not make it bigger

find someone who can comforts you
and the one that you would be comfortable with,
someone that will accept your flaws
and you can accept theirs,
—completing each other.


arrived home late today
completing tasks

hang my tote bag at the chair
and backpack at the floor
switch on the study light
and my eyes stop at it,
the roses,
the dying roses
the one that I bought three days ago

it just
like me.....

such a long day,
looking at the roses makes me feel sad,
I wanna let it all out



turn off study light

do not start

you are going to be really fine,
I promise.
I love you.

b l o o m


w i l t e d

a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand

a note on 18th of December 2019 by jijaahmad


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