Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wish list

A guy who looks great in jeans
A guy who likes my favourite dishes
A guy who laughs even when my stories are boring
I like that kind of guy
We don't have to talk too long to know this

A guy who has a sexy brain
A guy who hides me in his bosom
When he sees me flossing
A guy who makes a great cream pasta
A guy with beautiful eyes when he smiles
I like that kind of guy

Even when I am broke
He is a guy who wants to see me
Even when I am rude
He is a guy who still responds with a smile
I like that kind of guy

arrange by Solar MAMAMOO
; Eric Nam Solar [We Got Married Ep. 12]

Friday, June 24, 2016

tanda tanya

Aneh aku pada yang mulanya hanya percakapan biasa-biasa, tibanya bertukar menjadi serius lalu beralih menjadi sebuah pertelingkahan.

Bukan itu yang dimahu.

Aneh aku pada mereka yang beriak biasa. Tiada dipedulinya apa mahunya juga, seperti tidak pentingnya mereka padahal bila jauh dari mata, tidak sudah kelihatan, baru menyesal jatuh bertahun lama.

Apa mahu mereka?


Aneh aku pada mereka yang membawa tebal kisah palsu. Kehulur, kehilir. Dibiarkan tersebar serata biar ditarik segala perhatian yang ada.

Apa mereka dapat?

Aneh aku pada mereka yang sering berkata-kata tinggi pada belakang, sekali ke hadapan mulut juga tidak mengeluar suara. Tidak bergerak mulutnya bak si bisu.

Diam, rapat.

Aneh aku pada mereka yang gah mengusung berjebah cerita, dijaja tanpa dipikir apa mungkin pada mereka yang lain. Bagai sentiasa pada yang lain tidak kena, hanya diri yang sempurna.

Menggeleng aku.


Alah, siapa jua yang sempurna, bukan?

Ikhlas di sini bukan untuk sesiapa, tapi jika ada tulisan yang terkena pada jiwa, maaf.

Buat diri sendiri yang kadang terpesong,
tolong ingatkan ya.

kebaikan kalau diajaknya seramai yang lain, lebih baik bukan?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I am and will always do

I want to wait,
and always wait,
but you took such a long time,
my patience is getting weak,
I want to make the first step,
I tried to hold on,

I do,

I choose the first step,

looking back again for several times,
I don't want to do this,
but I've tried,
and I'm tired,

if you do come again,
please know that I have wait,
and will always do


Thursday, June 16, 2016

ZALORA | G-Shock Appearance

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Asal kamu kembali

Walau sejauh mana kau mahu.
Gapai segala cita juga inginmu.
Asal janji satu itu,
katanya yang engkau akan kembali.
Aku mahu itu satu ditunai.

membilang hari malah setiap detikan jam dihitung,
bilakah agaknya wajah ku rindu bakal hadap di depan mata.

Tiada rayuan untuk mengingati aku yang di sini,
tapi juga berharap bakal lintas rasa rindu walau seketika cuma.
Tak mengapa jika tidak diluah,
cuma pinta bikin sesuatu yang perlu sahaja,
untuk aku yang di sini masih tahu dan sedar bahawa ruang masih ada,
setianya janji masih terikat,
dan dengan itu berdirinya aku teguh di sini setia.

Asal kamu kembali,
biar ditatap wajah rindu aku ini,
jauh rupanya segala yang berlaku tanpa terjejasnya jurang antara kita.

Lakukan semua apa yang kau mahu,
bersungguh dan lihatkan hasilnya,
biar aku percaya dengan tidak sia-sia yang selama ini setia,
asal kamu kembali.

Biar langkah sejauh mana, di bawah langit ini aku tahu kita masih bersama, saling kelihatan kerna itu yang kita sering bersama, tak mengapa ingatkan aku bahawa ini takkan menjadi yang sia-sia, asal kamu kembali.

Asal kamu kembali,
wahai wajah yang ku rindu.


Monday, June 06, 2016


Alhamdulillah, so today is day two of Ramadhan. 
Wish that everyone will be having a great day, in shaa Allah.  Even it is well known to be tired, but if you search the beauty point of fasting, it will guide you to the meaning of this life as people know it is a way to make people experience the poor life of some people who couldn't have a proper meals in their daily life. It is not just about that, it will guide you even bigger things. So, all you need to do is, get through of this test with the sincere from the heart. It sounds different from what you have been heard but this is actually true. Every good deeds that you have done will be reward for something even better, that is every Muslims goals to. May Allah bless, ameen.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Changes in the wrong decisions of needed

it might get hurt when you can learn and see that people around you are leaving one by one.
Day by day it will be strange, again, to meet them.
and after all, it will turns it to be stranger.

What I have to do with these memories that you leave behind?
I don't wanna forget all of them, not because I can't
you've created the beautiful moments and happiness
for me is having you to color the emptiness of my journey.
Having you by my side is like completing the pages that are missing in certain chapters.
You're needed. For everytime.

I'm talking about love,
not only for one,
but for everyone,
I miss all of you

Having people that you need almost the time, it is comforting. But in life, humans need to know that sometimes humans leave someone for human. Cause that is what life is about. Don't worry, build your future beautifully and be the kind of human that you want other humans to be.