Thursday, August 20, 2020

I would choose you, over and over.

he wasn't here
to keep me accompany
but I know
deep down
he would choose me
to be with me
to go through the worst
and to go through the best


this heart
break a little

if only you are here

sharing every single thing about my day
would be the most favorite
you don't really reply much to it
but the stare of your eyes explained everything

you care
and you would always.

I miss you.
I really am.

I need you


I am bless.
Bersyukur yang seadanya.

Tuhan bagi yang lain dari lain buatku.
Untuk berbakti,
untuk mengenal erti berkorban,
untuk membahagiakan,
untuk mengenal erti kesusahan,
dan untuk segala hikmah juga kebaikan yang Tuhan selitkan disebaliknya.


nanti kemudian hari bakal kita bertemu disana ya? 😇

"May Allah replace all of the sadness with abundance of happiness and may it be greater than the loss."