Monday, October 26, 2020

Have a good day.

It's been awhile for #noteoftheday, so today there's a new entry for it 📜

To the person that is reading this right now—

I miss going to cafes.

I need you to know that there will always be a joy in your heart despite the sadness you've faced. Beneath all the pain you feel right now is everything you've always wanted and because you've searched for love in the wrong person, you have forgotten that you were always capable of providing yourself with everything you need.

You can't keep someone who doesn't belong in your life and there is no future with someone who can only fit in your past. You can't love a person into loving you back and this is why you must love yourself enough to walk away.

I have no idea where you are right now,
I don't even know your name
but I believe that when your heart finds these words, you will arrive to this moment with the weight of the world on your shoulders while struggling with the loneliness you've been feeling.

I know I'm just a stranger and maybe I'm wandering too far over the line into your life and maybe it's just none of my business but I can't help it. The desire to help you has brought me here where you can read these words. If you are on the verge of breaking down, you're tired of fighting, tired of being strong, tired of loving without being loved so I would tell you; Even with a storm cloud hovering above your head, you've arrived to this moment and that just means you're a survivor.

I hope there words are enough to remind you that you have been the hero in this story and if for some reason I've failed at reaching you, I'll try once more at another time. Have a good day.

written by r.h. Sin
and I edited a little bit from there.