Thursday, October 27, 2016

the main beautiful

She was beautiful,
but not like those girls in the magazines.
She was beautiful,
for the way she thought.
She was beautiful,
for that sparkle in her eyes when we talked about something she loved.
She was beautiful,
for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad.

she wasn't beautiful for something as temporary as her looks.
She was beautiful,
deep down to her soul.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

a speech with love from myself to dearself

{ one year has been added in her age on 17th of October }

Opening speech:
As you can see or read from the tittle for today's entry, 23th of October, which means it has been six 
days since my born-day. 

 It wasn't my idea to hold the party, but it is my mum! I would love to but, since I'll facing an important examination, plus with some icons class (which is morning classes) and also 'betul' classes (this is evening classes and it means the class is hold just for asking questions on the topics that you're not good enough, try a lots of questions paper, and everything), so, the conclusion is, I am really busy! (don't trust me yeap). But still, I've agree with my mum's idea, and actually the main objective she persuade me is to make me cook! Hahaha, I know mummy, I always know!

On 17th of October;
So this naughty girl, j.lo, skip 'betul' class, with her excuse that nobody can help her mother at home, hiuhiuhiu.


People treat you how you allow them to. If you want different results, stop settling with the same people and for the same things. If you want to see a change in your existence, be the change. Life isn't as complicated as we make it and love isn't as hard as we claim it is. If you want something, work for it. Be honest in your actions and give the world great reasons to love you. Smile at yourself every once in a while just because. Continue being great, generous and grand. Each day you are capable of soaring higher than the last; each day you are reborn again. Awake each morning with loving and helping hands, act only on good intentions. Self, your story is up to you, make it one worth sharing. Promise to treasure your time. Remember that just because you want it, doesn't mean it deserves to have you. Be patient, but don't procrastinate. Be hopeful, but don't be naive. When it's right, you will know. 

I need you to learn how to forgive the ones who have wronged you. You say you do, you may even smile but deep down, your heart hurt. It's important that you start to see the value of forgiveness. Not just for the sake of others but for your own. Being forgiving to others does not make you weak. The ability to do so speaks to your heart and your character. 


I know you struggle sometimes but just in case I don't tell you enough, you're beautiful (self-confidence is a must, wee). Thankyou for being so strong and I appreaciate your heart and your stubbornness. 


so these are some pictures of the small party celebration, and the actual reason we pack the paperbag is for my sister's students, who open a class to teach al-Quran and amali solat. Alhamdulillah everything on that day goes smoothly, and we had lots of fun and happiness. 

Things that people have created just for you, even the small one, be grateful for it. Sometimes, the small things take the most part in our life. Big or small, smile and be grateful.

*Oh, that tasty cake, awh sisters made surprise for me after the celebration because it is too small, so they kept it first. They are so sweet, the treasure of my life, I can't live without them. May Allah bless everyone, in shaa Allah. 

Sannah Helwah, dearself.