Tuesday, December 20, 2016

lovely things

someone who can't contain their smile when they see you
seeing the colours blend together smoothly while doing art
putting on your favourite perfume
laughing so much you can't breathe
walking into familiar bookshop
day when you let nothing get to you
taking photographs and capturing moments in journal
wearing your favourite coat
seeing a message notification from someone who means a lot to you
picking strawberries at a local farm
glitter in the sand and in the sea water
little ephemeral moments when you're happy to be alive.

source; flowerais

Friday, December 09, 2016

365 days Daily Planner Giveaway by Luqman Zakaria


it has been a long time since I join any giveaway. I found this giveaway which is a favourite item the most of all for planner addict! And I am one of it who really want this 365 days Daily Planner ✨

Time flies too fast, and it is already December, which means-- few days more for 2016.
"Wake me up when december end,"
2017 would be so good if I prepare journal/planner to document every chapter and new things in my life, great! So, this is the opportunity for me, hehe.