Monday, August 16, 2021

Y o u



You made flowers grow inside of me
in places I didn't know we're still alive.
You made me smile a bit more
and laugh a lot louder.

My little kryptonite.

I called you names
I never told a single soul.
I never knew
I would find love so kind and patient.
You were both and even more.
You kept me grounded
in my worst days
and gave me hope for a better beginning.

My dearest sunshine,

I shall love you eternally and agelessly
until all the air in my lungs deflates.
do not give up just yet; we're in.

credit; tumblr.

little note;
Hi, hallooo again!
It's been sooooooo long, I know.
Always missing this comfort space of mine, but nothing's workin, so I needed a break (long one). Tons of unfinished words, sentences and moreeee! Trying my best to clear my 'draft' section and pour it all here, oke? hihi. Starting a not-so-comeback with cute words I discover, stay tuned for more and for #wordsbyJA (pleaseeee be excited 😂)