Sunday, June 05, 2016

Changes in the wrong decisions of needed

it might get hurt when you can learn and see that people around you are leaving one by one.
Day by day it will be strange, again, to meet them.
and after all, it will turns it to be stranger.

What I have to do with these memories that you leave behind?
I don't wanna forget all of them, not because I can't
you've created the beautiful moments and happiness
for me is having you to color the emptiness of my journey.
Having you by my side is like completing the pages that are missing in certain chapters.
You're needed. For everytime.

I'm talking about love,
not only for one,
but for everyone,
I miss all of you

Having people that you need almost the time, it is comforting. But in life, humans need to know that sometimes humans leave someone for human. Cause that is what life is about. Don't worry, build your future beautifully and be the kind of human that you want other humans to be.

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