Saturday, December 14, 2019

Color of Days

it's been a while,
hello with my really late October haul

*overdose inspirational quotes all over in this entry*

F I N A L L Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y! 😍


After high school, I got really obsessed into daily planner stuff which is to jot down every single things that I've done for the day, things that I need to do, goals and more. But, there are some of the days that I am totally busy and forgot to update anything in the planner and it always take a while to build my layout for every pages. End up, I will leave it empty 😂 There's no pressure actually, we need to have fun while doing it. The good part of daily planner is the #task, we can check all the task that we need to do and tick it afterwards if we have done it.

Sooooooo, enough with that intro part,
let me introduce to you Planner by Aqisbi

"Does all these life goals bring me closer
to my ultimate life goals?"
(ie. Redha Allah and Jannatul Firdaus)

"When Allah tests you, it is never to destroy you,
when He removes something in your possession,
it is (only) in order to empty your hands,
for an even greater gift."

Ibn Al-Qayyim


Never give up.
People will always discount you,
and you'll always get rejected.
But set your sights high.
Be boldly ambitious.
Be relentless and never give up.

Cover Design : Sky Blue
Price : RM25 + RM8 (postage)
Total : RM33

They have 8 design options for the cover planner and it is sooo nice.
I've been taking time to choose between sky blue or black marble, both are pretty for sure!
Final decision ; Sky Blue - it looks so soft with the color combination  ☁

Planner by Aqisbi comes with ;
- Planner 2020 (full color pages)
- Budget Planner
- Wall Calendar 2020

The main reason that I choose Planner by Aqisbi as my Planner of 2020 - full of colors! 🌈


Don't try to be perfect,
just try to be better than you were yesterday.

Small progress is
still a progress.

The first page of the planner.

"The clock is ticking, are you becoming the person you want to be?"

Fitness Goals

Mission to be more healthy in 2020!
(just wait for it, skippppp 😂😂😂)

for this section, it has weight progress and body measurement that you can fill in for every months 

L a   T a h z a n
Don't be sad.

D u ' a
A dua can make the impossible,
possible again.

The back of the planner.


If you
give up now
then what
were you even
fighting for?

Budget Planner

book size : 18cm x 13cm
great size enough to let you bring it wherever you go


Once you really accept that spending
money doesn't equal happiness, you have
half the battle won.

Ernest Callenbach

The back of the budget planner.


I make
myself rich
by making
my wants few.

Wall Calendar

Free gift

ugh, favorite! 

magnet book mark
totally wouldn't be a waste, I use them a lot!

To sum up;
I really love all of it but it is super detail and full of colors which I can't really adjust it to the way I like. I prefer minimal planner that have some part of space for me to create something on my own. But anyway, for sure, I will make a good use of it! Best part ; lotsssssss of great quotes 💕

By the way, join Planner 2020 Giveaway by Messarah for free! (but follow the conditions stated) 
It is still open until 20th of December 2019. Who knows one of you guys would be lucky, right? 

But, I am also thinking to give away the budget planner, the wall calendar of 2020 and some more stuff,
sooooooooooo who's in for a giveaway?

for more details or purchase, visit here;


  1. alaaa cantiknyaaaa!!
    btw done follow

  2. Hai, salam kenal. Done follow :) Cantik betul planner tu.

  3. I obsessed with planner too. I bought planner every year but I never used it wisely. So, I stopped buying planner. T.T

    1. Really? then you should give away! (if you want to eheee). This is the first year I'm using a real planner, and my niece beg me to give this planner to her 🤣🤣


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