Thursday, January 24, 2019

you can do it

note of the day by @zulianaeusoff

So I stay awake
If leaving is a big mistake?

I tried to make you look for me
To be your everything
Oh what else should I do
To make it through to you?
You are unthinkable
Almost impossible
Oh there's nothing left in me
So I let my eyes speak

Here's to the ones who are underappreciated by their partners, who need to realize and who needs a slap on their faces—that they should just chow. Tak ada manusia yang benar sanggup berubah 100% untuk kau hanya sebab kau sayang dia dan kau dah curahkan segala isi hati jiwa raga kau kat dia. Know your worth.

Jangan putus berdoa dekat Allah. He's the Almighty, He hears, He listens and He knows everything you mumble and feel in that heart of yours.

Somehow it just makes me feel better. It is part of Allah's perfect plan for each of us. Every single thing that happens, there must be a reason behind it. Go through it with your braveness and I know you can 😉


thankyou for spread the love!