Tuesday, April 03, 2018


I guess it would be fun if I share watercolor tips for us to learn together and since I would be more into art for upcoming, so why not, right?


let's get start right into it-

first of all—think of watercolor as a visual metaphor for approaching life ✨

water 'balance' ;
adjust what you can and let go what you can not.

too much water?
spread everything out.
—and take this opportunity to add some color

embrace contrasts
light × dark moments, make the experience of life richer

fear not of trying
—try different colour combinations
—holding you brush differently 
different tools (even your fingers!)
—different order of water to colour combinations 

water first,
then paint.

beyond rights & wrongs
what starts off as 'wrong' can often lead to 'new approaches' to rights.

life learning
—be as gentle with yourself as these freekles!
—learning is life long and comes most naturally when you are relaxed and having fun!

"TLDR" ;
control only what you can,
love contrasts,
keep trying,
wrongs are opportunities for new rights,
keep learning.

you also can check it at here! ;

t h a n k y o u !


thankyou for spread the love!