Thursday, April 26, 2018

the notes in pink

[ reveal some pages from my journal ]

I loves wwwooorrrdddsss!
So, I kept almost most of it especially quotes, and when mom says something meaningful to me, and when tumblr and pinterest always have those stuff and you can just click it and pick up your pen and jot it down, I love it!

I am super excited, so do check these out;

I built a section in journal which is for keeping words that I found, and I think it is so cute! Eventhough I don't really into pink-ish, it's cute—

it is just some of it, there's more, of course—

why does everyone run away from me?

don't go.


the only saying on earth
that has the power to make
you step back and take
a good look at what you gained,
and not what you lost

and I was stabbed thousands of times,
until it feel painful not to be stabbed.

I choose more that can motivate me the most as I would open to these pages and read it over again and smile with all of the calmness ✨

and if I die,
forgive me.

I'm in love!

so what is your favourite section of your journal?


  1. cute gilaaaa! simple yet very satisfying to look at, and meaningful too. Tulisan you pun comel gilaaa ;u;

    1. kann? I rajin betul update ayat2 best, betul tu, satisfying sangat! heee thankyou!

  2. Selamat berpuasa. POst dalam blog u ni mmg selalu suka tgk.. cute2 je and those words are beautiful.

    Take care honey.

    1. sorry for the late reply! selamat berpuasa jugak yaa^^ heee thankyou!


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