Tuesday, January 23, 2018

flutter, the cute cream

I bought something cute 💕
scroll down and read it if you are free,
have a nice day!

I got this hand cream from watsons but I notice not all watsons store have it (so—do check 'em all). It is so eye-catching ✨, so I need to grab one. It is for RM9.90, which is such a good deal for a hand cream, but it got some discount while I want to purchase it (it is in november last year), so, if I'm not mistaken, I bought it for RM6.30. As for its job, what I can say is—it's not really the best, I mean the texture—it is nice but overall it is just okay.


For cute cosmetics and
awesome accessories look
no further than flutter.
No rules. Just fun!


Would I repurchase the hand cream?
Maybe~ (I can't decide, helpppp meee)

But I guess it would be nice as a present or a gift especially for girls and women because it is in pink (I don't know if they have other colors), it would be great. Or even for those who personally loves pink, that's would be more great!

Isn't it cute? Even for me who doesn't really into pink thingy, fall for it—

I bought new hand cream from Innisfree.
Maybe it would be the next entry in the label of terselit-beauty-post or maybe...upcoming?
But I'll make sure to update a small innisfree haul as soon as possible!


  1. im not so into pinky stuff but i must admit that i will purchase this one because it is too cute to handle >.<

    1. right? I just can't leave them, so I need to grab one and it is so affordable-

  2. the packaging is so cute tho


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