Thursday, January 25, 2018

bad days

things to remember on your bad days.
I got it from tumblr and jot some down in my 'words to save' book (well, that's my books' name).

Others can only give you words and things ; only you can give yourself feelings.

The only time a friend should make you cry is because
you're so overwhelmed with how greatly they appreciate you.

You are growing and changing every second.
You are not the same person you were five minutes ago.
Embrace the growth and change the world.

It's okay to eliminate toxic things and toxic people.
You are too important to hold onto things that don't help you improve.

Don't get mad at someone for not understanding how you feel,
when you don't tell them how you feel.

You can't control what people will say to you,
but you can control how you react to them.

You are not your struggles.
You are not your emotional breakdowns.
You are not your past.

Be passionate.
Be unpredictable.
Be beautiful.
Be courageous.
Be excitable.
Be yourself.
Just please be anything but not realistic.

please don't put your everything into another humain being
because it will not be good for either of you.

Never be ashamed of past decisions,
past relationships
and past experiences,
because what makes you upset now,
once made you happy.

eleven, the last
You are so much more than just pretty.
You were not made to be pretty.
You were made to decorate the earth with your soul
and scream your name at the top of your lungs
until there is no way that they can forget about you.
don't let anyone simplify you to just pretty.

that's it, have a nice day!


thankyou for spread the love!