Saturday, October 21, 2017

another speech

—Would I do a great job?

"I can't promise for a wonderful and beautiful story lines, but you can enjoy and have fun while reading me."

That would be great enough.

I've made it.

I've made it.

I've made through it.

It has been such a long time, a year to add on is incredibly long and have been so hectic. I've been waiting for the day to come, where I can finally put a final full stop for all of the crazy—up and down—roller coaster. The seventeen years old of a girl has been the past, it is finally to make more things better.

I can't lie, I need to agree to those who says that the more your age increase, the more you need to go through. I am still young, a lot of things to discover but that does not prevent me from those uneasy feeling, getting hurt, receive happiness from favourite people, got excited when sisters ask to pack for trips, bought a lot of cute notebooks and did not use most of them,   ðŸ‘€   yeah—

But all of things that happens, it somehow gave me strength and motivation for certain reasons—to move forward with the experiences that I've bring along, even if I would lack in something, I would try the best that I can—not to be label as perfect but to be label as the best after tons of practices and hardworks.

hello, october girl.
[ seventeen-october ]

Sannah Helwah dearself, thankyou for getting stronger day by day, your toughness to survive every single day in your life would be pay off with something even more better, in shaa Allah, put your trust to Allah because He knows what is the best for you.

Moga sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah hendaknya, aamiin.

keep smiling,
stay positive.

the photo of cake is actually a surprise from family when I've just got back from trip with my second sister, alang, as soon as my sister and I arrived home, they are like "surrrrrrpriseeee!~" aww shoo shweet 💕 and after photo session with fam I just go straight to the bed,   ðŸ‘€  okay—

both picture—the left and the right is my dinner with my close friends, ainaa and yayan at mamak and I bring together the birthday cake to give to them (okay I think I've always kept some of my birthday cake to share with my friends, woa, I just realized about that).

okay, that's great, sharing is caring.

loving this for some reasons~

that's it, a short yet teary (it is only me) speech from myself for my birthday.
happy belated birthday, dear me.

comment down below your birth date, would love to know!


  1. hye october girl, sanah helwah, happy birthday and selamat hari jadi. may ALLAH bless u and be happy yaaaa :)

    sweet sangat ur family buat suprise bagai. hehehe

    mine is on 3rd march :)


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