Wednesday, September 09, 2020

an approach.

knowing you was not in my plan
not even once
it comes naturally
as the start of conversation was dull
the questions were off
did not match at all
the calls was not about you
was not about us
fill with tears and sadness
but there you are
spending the nights
"your voice is the calm"
you said
it became the favorite before closing eyes to sleep
"you are my favorite"
you said


it wasn't all about me, just to bring up some smile on your face once a while with sweetness.
If you're reading this, anywhere you are, take care and stay safe 💛


  1. And after reading this,
    I got butterflies too — in my tummy.

  2. sweet

    jom join GA ni

  3. I like the way you organize this poem and kinda love the break too :)

  4. here i am try to put myself in the situation hehe


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