Monday, February 19, 2018

the notes for myself

"Just because you’re not crying, doesn’t mean you’re not sad.
  Just because you’re smiling. doesn’t mean you’re happy."

—Radio Romance, Episode 6  📻


I choose to stop chasing.
I am not giving up,
I am just choose to do that.


I am not.


I am now chasing,
to my dreams.
It may seem small,
but I'll make it big.

There's hill,
I need to brave myself,
and slowly making steps
to the top.

I should believe in myself,
and I believe that I can do it.

There's nothing to worry about
if you've start to believe in yourself.

but still,
lots of traps and tricks
that I have to go through,
I believe that I can do it.

You can cry,
you can be mad,
but please,
stand up again,
continue the journey to your dreams,
with smile,
and happy steps.

dear self,

It's a long journey,
but I know you can do it.

keep smiling & stay positive. Allah will guide your way if you put trust on Him, in shaa Allah  😊


thankyou for spread the love!