Monday, June 26, 2017


this is random, it is not a sponsored-post or any related. Just want to make this entry after receiving a parcel that I've order from Lazada.

I order a sunglasses. I just choose the one that I want with of course at the range of affordable price and without checking which brand it is or how the packaging is like which is basically me. yeah.
But the packaging is better than expected, first expression was like 'wuu'
I know it would come with a box of course to cover it up and also a pouch to put the sunglasses, but I don't know, it looks so great, like branded stuff ahaha~ (so jakun and teruja)

the box

this is so nice with the label of the brand ; Hepidem Wolf

okay yes, yes I am using my phone to take all of my photos 😎

this is not my first time to shop at Lazada, so far it is great 💖


  1. that sunglasses SOOOO GORGEOUS! serious.
    i love shopping at lazada too :D

    1. ehehe thankyou! I am absolutely loving it ahaha. yeah, me too, it is great!

  2. I was afraid to shop at Lazada at first lol because all the negative responds. But I decide to try once, and its actually nice and satisfying.

    1. omo serius betul banyak negative comments about Lazada, but still I want to try to shop and so far it is great ;)

  3. wahhh... hmmm banyak dengar cerita buruk je pasl shop dengan Lazada tu yg tak berani sangat.. tapi bile baca entry ni, saya rasa macam nak shop kt Lazada :D
    suke tngok packaging dia. >.<

    1. sebenarnya tak expect pun packaging dia macam nih, so sangatlah nice kan? You should try to experience it! :)


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