Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Hello everyone! ✨

Okay, for this entry, I am super excited to share with all of you my collective haul from March of 2017. And if you guys might not know that I am actually obsessed with stationery stuff (in the serious level that if I can't control myself, I would lost hundreds of moneyhh) , everything about it, I would love to swap with those stationery lovers, swap things, greeting, and moreover I'll be joining the snailmail club, can't wait for my first letter would be arrive! (can you guys see that I'm being totally excited guys, wuhuu)  and for more information, I also joined the #PlannerAddictMalaysia club, which is totally giving me more tips for my journal stuff and others too! So enough for here, let's move onn!

first, the things that I've got from DAISO

It is just a plain scrapbook with the high quality of papers, really nice 👍
Really love the quality of paper so I decided to make this book as my sketchbook, wee.

n e x t ;
  I  also got this book from DAISO

In love with the cover, the standard map of Europe (you can also change the cover with another design, photo or memo). It is a ring notebook in the size of A5 and it comes with dotted pages which is great.

m o  v  i n g   o n ;

This book is from MR. DIY

bought this just because of the cover, different types of camera, which is really cool and I don't sure if you guys can see that actually I didn't open the wrapper yet because I want to use it to jot down important things and stuff, for more upcoming, so yeah 📷

I bought this cute thing just from the 7Eleven Store, can't stop looking at them, too cute to handle so I grab both of them and purchase it, cute with such a really cheap price!

would like to thank to;

for introduce the cute items for the world ✨

these are the badges that I've bought, insanely cute!

the cute little bear and little panda at the end of the pages in the book, so cute!
kind of really happy and feeling great with this purchase of mine 😋

n e x t ;
p e n s

bought three different type of pen

I call this as 'fat belly pen', hello 👋

aha 💩

who can say no to this fancy type of pen that had eight colours in one pen, awesome!

these are highlighters! Don't you guys think that it is so cute? It really is. Happy Family theme of highlighters with different cat of every colors, so adorable!

washi tape, paper tape, adhesive tape-- super nice, I love it!

 the last cute items that I bought;

the cat bookmark, it comes with the magnet style 😻

that's all from now, I am absolutely excited to make this stationery haul entry, so I hope all of you would be enjoy to read my small haul, planning to and would love to make another haul entry for next month, yay or nay? Stay tuned!

oh oh, I also bought quite a lot of novels, if I have more free time, I would make a review for them.

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thankyou for spending your time! 💕


  1. Sooo cuteeeee!!!! 😘
    Poopoo pen tu alahaiii hahaha, pastu 8 inks in 1 pen seriouslyyy??? Selalunya yang 4 colours in 1 tu je merah biru hitam and hijau jugak.

    1. check dekat, soo banyak! rambang mata!

  2. aaaaa comel gilaaaaa! saya stationery addict. nampak yg comel2 je mesti terus nk beli!

  3. all of them are too cute >.<

  4. Alaaaaa comelnyaa semua T_T.....nak jugaa...

    1. comel sampai pikir dua tiga kali nak beli ke tak sebab nak save budget hahaha XD

  5. Comel2 brg daiso ni... Paling best buku yg atas sekali tu..

    1. serius betul! tak shabarnyee nak guna buat sketchbook hee :D


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