Friday, April 01, 2016

love letter

it is just nice to see people giving advice or opinion--
neither talk but the person who receive,
we would never know their heart or feeling.

Words are beautiful but it will fade away as the time being.
Without being care or they choose not to keep them.
For me, words are just nice and it is worth to keep.

As long as the time will,
for me keeping those words is just seems like the person
really care, calm and nice. And of course it is cute ^-^

If someone ever ask me which one I will choose,
                               Text messages or letter full of words?
Related to me; of course I will choose letter full of words because handwriting
is the most thing I really love to keep.
Beautiful or not the handwriting is, it doesn't matter.
As long as I know they're sincere to write.


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