Friday, November 09, 2018

Life Lessons Advice from an 80-year-old-man

the life lessons advice that I found on tumblr and it is pretty cute advice, I mean there's meaning in it that we should follow, so it would be great to share with you guys, have fun while reading it ✨

+ have a firm handshake
+ look people in the eye
+ keep secrets
+ never give up on anybody, miracles happen everyday 
+ be brave.
   even if you're not, pretend to be
+ choose your life's mate carefully.
   from this one decision will come 90% of all your happiness or misery
+ make it a habit to do nice things for people who will never find out
+ lend only those books you never care to see again
+ never deprive someone of hope; it might be all that they have
+ when playing games with children, let them win
+ give people a second chance, but not third
+ be romantic
+ be a good loser
+ think twice before burdening a friend with a secret
+ when someone hugs you, let them be the first to let go
+ be modest, a lot was accomplished before you were born
+ keep it simple
+ beware of the person who has nothing to lose
+ life your life so that your epitaph could read, no regrets
+ be bold and courageous.
   when you look back on life, you'll the things you didn't do more than the ones you did
+ never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them
+ remember no one makes it alone.
   have a grateful heart and be quick to acknowledge those who helped you
+ take charge of your attitude, don't let someone else choose it for you
+ begin each day with some of your favourite music
+ once in a while, take the scenic route

no one can be perfect at every single of things, trying is the best way 💗

with love, jijaahmad 💖

Sunday, October 21, 2018


distance makes heart feel excited, everytime.

even if both of us are late,
but we can still save the date.

you can say that words are just words
but some make words happens by their actions,
so don't hold it,
make it worth holding for.

with love,
cik hati.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

aku ada.

selalunya aku hanya minta untuk sentiasa ada,
khusus untuk orang-orang yang perlu aku.


aku mahu lenyap
buat seketika.

yang sentiasanya aku minta
biar ada aku saat mereka perlunya aku,

kerna kosong itu juga sakit,
jadi aku mahu ada,
saat namaku dipanggil,
dan dinyatanya perlu.

katanya yang sentiasa,
— pinjam bahumu
buat buang setiap pekung di dada,
jadi tak mengapa sayang,
aku ada.

walau payah aku dengan rasa sendiri,
aku sedia menepis sedaya aku,
kerna aku mahu ada.


aku mahu lenyap
untuk seketika.

andai diri ini punya kuasa.

apa saja mahuku?

inginku agar dapat melihat seharian mereka,
yang sentiasa mahu aku ada saat jatuh
tapi tiada jejak saat aku perlu.

tanda tanya

adakah ketiadaan sementara aku itu terkesan pada jiwa?
atau bakal sedar bahwa aku juga yang sejujurnya,.....juga memerlukan.

ahh jiwa,
mari berjuang!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

the special talent of mine

the conversation that still hanging around my mind-




"how far is it?"

"I don't wanna hurt you... 😔"

"is it too far?"

"all that I can ask is that I need your help"

"what kind of help?"

"can you please,...wait for me?"

"and I think that is one of my special talent, right?"

[ credit to owner ]

if the parting is amicable,
it will be a good memory for us.

my little note ;
Everyone can wait for each other,
but what kind of thing that makes the journey of waiting is beautiful?
The EFFORT. from both side. 
On how they manage and make it worth to wait for, it is gonna be so beautiful 🌻