Tuesday, January 23, 2018

flutter, the cute cream

I bought something cute 💕
scroll down and read it if you are free,
have a nice day!

I got this hand cream from watsons but I notice not all watsons store have it (so—do check 'em all). It is so eye-catching ✨, so I need to grab one. It is for RM9.90, which is such a good deal for a hand cream, but it got some discount while I want to purchase it (it is in november last year), so, if I'm not mistaken, I bought it for RM6.30. As for its job, what I can say is—it's not really the best, I mean the texture—it is nice but overall it is just okay.


For cute cosmetics and
awesome accessories look
no further than flutter.
No rules. Just fun!


Would I repurchase the hand cream?
Maybe~ (I can't decide, helpppp meee)

But I guess it would be nice as a present or a gift especially for girls and women because it is in pink (I don't know if they have other colors), it would be great. Or even for those who personally loves pink, that's would be more great!

Isn't it cute? Even for me who doesn't really into pink thingy, fall for it—

I bought new hand cream from Innisfree.
Maybe it would be the next entry in the label of terselit-beauty-post or maybe...upcoming?
But I'll make sure to update a small innisfree haul as soon as possible!

Friday, January 19, 2018


I'm the strength

to make feel alive
to make to have someone
to make as a friend
and for the life,

so she lock me up.

but I've always escape
wondering around
and lay down under the blue sky.

until at the end
I will be back,


nowhere to go
come back to my

Friday, December 22, 2017

breathe (한숨)

take a deep breath;
so that either side of your heart becomes numb.
exhale one more time.

until you feel the slightest of pain;
it’s alright if you feel so full of air;
that you feel,
nothing’s left inside you anymore.
no one’s blaming you.
it’s alright to make mistakes sometimes.
it happens to the best of us.
the words, “it’s okay” -
they may be nothing but words,
but isn’t there a day that i can,
do something about somebody’s sigh?
that deep breath of sorrow.
i can’t understand your innermost thoughts;
but that’s okay. i’ll take you in my embrace.
i’ll take you in my embrace.

to others, your sigh may seem
like one of tiredness, but i know
that you spent an entire day
so different that the smallest breathe is hard to breathe.
don’t think of that any longer; take a deep breath.

but, isn’t there a way that i can
do something about somebody’s sigh?
that deep breath of sorrow;
i can’t understand your innermost thoughts.
but that’s okay. i’ll take you into my embrace.
you’ve done so well.

— l e e   h i

composed by: kim jonghyun + wefreaky
lyrics by: kim jonghyun
arranged by: philtre (planet shiver)
translation by: @ikon0t7
copy fromfyjjong

while listening to this song—it feels so calm yet so sad, it’s just flowing slowly.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

burned out

he was certain
so was I
there was comfort
in her sighs
dreams and ideas should not be the same thing
You waited smiling for this

oh she’d want it
if she knew
she could take it,
I thought too
be careful be cautious but you just wished harder
you waited smiling for this


“But they love you!” over and over “they love you!”
thousands and thousands of
eyes just like mine
aching to find
who they are
and they love you! oh you can feel how they love you!
coated and warm but that’s
all they can do
words only get through
if they’re sharp

Oh how fitting
for one so fake
make me a fairy
whatever it takes
and just like her tale my dream was a scam
Oh you waited smiling for this

I am burnt out
I smell of smoke
it seeps through her cracks and so I start to choke
sentences sit in her mouth that are templated
You waited smiling for this


I can just talk about it
maybe I'll talk about it
i'll never talk about it
i cannot talk about it

don't build hope on something broken
i am not cartoon
cry for help
i am not joking
i might just leave soon.

—dodie clark

Thursday, November 30, 2017

S a v e e B e a u t y

yayy for more entry in terselit-beauty-post,
and yayy for another Savee Beauty haul 🛍
feelin' proud of myself (-lazy is the new busy 😎


so let's get right into it ;

Savee Lip Protector — Strawberry 🍓

tak berapa suka sangat, paling least favourite, tak pernah lagi setakat ni apply dekat bibir 😅

Savee Lip Protector — Apple

selalu guna lip protector as lip balm (of course), apply sebelum pakai lip matte yang paling kerap atau kalau duduk rumah seharian—kalau rasa bibir kering atau pucat memang akan apply memanjang. Apple ni paling best, smell so nice—semanis 🍎 ye, my favourite.

Lip Protector — Cherry 🍒

yang ni pun okay, biasa-biasa tapi lama sikit lepas apply rasa macam mint (?), bukan kebas tapi rasa fresh gitu, nice—boleh tahan, tapi tak favourite sangat.

kalau tak silap Savee lip protector ada lebih dari tiga tapi dekat booth cuma ada yang diatas sahaja 👆, ooh, cherry ni sebenarnya beli waktu second purchase, tapi tak update entry. 

Blusher 1

bukan selalu pakai blusher pun sebenarnya, tapi nice sangat color, jadi bila fikir RM1 ja, boleh buat collection sikit-sikit kan? 

but I gave this to my sister 😁

Blusher 3

I loveee this one - it is more to nude-ish, tapi tak cuba lagi. sangatlah menarik perhatian seketul manusia ni 👀 tak berapa nak confident apply blusher, even rutin harian kalau keluar—compact powder, eyeshadow (kalau rasa perlu-mostly tak perlu), lipstick atau lip matte, perfume, I'm done!

kali ni tak beli mask sebab ada banyak lagi tak guna, so save dulu, lain kali ada kita sapu ye.

this is not my first time purchase their product, you can check it 👉 [here] 👈 my first haul of Savee Beauty, include today's haul entry, it has been three times. 

Savee Beauty website ; [ here ]
Savee Beauty instagram ; [ here ]

go and check 'em out!

I've been lack of ideas these days to update entries, but a big no to excuses, and this entry - I am pretty sure - totally boring.