Hello everyone! ✨

Okay, for this entry, I am super excited to share with all of you my collective haul from March of 2017. And if you guys might not know that I am actually obsessed with stationery stuff (in the serious level that if I can't control myself, I would lost hundreds of moneyhh) , everything about it, I would love to swap with those stationery lovers, swap things, greeting, and moreover I'll be joining the snailmail club, can't wait for my first letter would be arrive! (can you guys see that I'm being totally excited guys, wuhuu)  and for more information, I also joined the #PlannerAddictMalaysia club, which is totally giving me more tips for my journal stuff and others too! So enough for here, let's move onn!

first, the things that I've got from DAISO

It is just a plain scrapbook with the high quality of papers, really nice 👍
Really love the quality of paper so I decided to make this book as my sketchbook, wee.

n e x t ;
  I  also got this book from DAISO

In love with the cover, the standard map of Europe (you can also change the cover with another design, photo or memo). It is a ring notebook in the size of A5 and it comes with dotted pages which is great.

m o  v  i n g   o n ;

This book is from MR. DIY

bought this just because of the cover, different types of camera, which is really cool and I don't sure if you guys can see that actually I didn't open the wrapper yet because I want to use it to jot down important things and stuff, for more upcoming, so yeah 📷

I bought this cute thing just from the 7Eleven Store, can't stop looking at them, too cute to handle so I grab both of them and purchase it, cute with such a really cheap price!

would like to thank to;

for introduce the cute items for the world ✨

these are the badges that I've bought, insanely cute!

the cute little bear and little panda at the end of the pages in the book, so cute!
kind of really happy and feeling great with this purchase of mine 😋

n e x t ;
p e n s

bought three different type of pen

I call this as 'fat belly pen', hello 👋

aha 💩

who can say no to this fancy type of pen that had eight colours in one pen, awesome!

these are highlighters! Don't you guys think that it is so cute? It really is. Happy Family theme of highlighters with different cat of every colors, so adorable!

washi tape, paper tape, adhesive tape-- super nice, I love it!

 the last cute items that I bought;

the cat bookmark, it comes with the magnet style 😻

that's all from now, I am absolutely excited to make this stationery haul entry, so I hope all of you would be enjoy to read my small haul, planning to and would love to make another haul entry for next month, yay or nay? Stay tuned!

oh oh, I also bought quite a lot of novels, if I have more free time, I would make a review for them.

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thankyou for spending your time! 💕

the pain #3

She remember;

She run so fast as she heard the ring sound by her telephone,
knowing so much who might be the caller,
the smile on her mouth can't be stop,
it looks like it is gonna burst to the full of happiness level,

but then,

her smile disappear,
as the slow motion could be,
and totally became worst the following seconds,


she hang up the phone,
tears start to running down at her cheeks

"why it is always me?"


every reflect questions to herself wouldn't give answers to her,
even to be respond by other,
she knows,
No -- isn't the answer
but she wouldn't get the right answer
even if she could ask hundreds people,

and the pain disappear slowly by the time keeps moving.....

semakin jauh.

aku cuba.

aku biar dia terbang tinggi
di dada langit aku lihat dia sepertinya puas
bebas dari kata-kata aku yang membelit
tak mengapa,
asal masih dapat ku lihat indahnya dia yang gembira

aku tidak mampu mencuba untuk yang kedua.

semakin jauh.

sudah tidak dapat aku lihat bayangan indahnya
aku mula merindu
segera aku mencari tali ikatan yang kita bentuk bersama


rupanya terlerai ikatan kukuh yang aku cuba ketatkan
engkau membawanya bersama
terbang jauh
hilang dari pandangan mata

beratnya rasa ini,
rebah aku seorang diri
menanggung derita yang semakin tidak terucap

tatapan memori belayar di minda
susah payah aku cuba untuk tersenyum meniti ingatan memori


seketika perjalanan pahit yang aku tempuh ini
mulai dirasai bagai dilahir semula

aku bagai merangkak-rangkak sedangkan mahu berjalan laju dari lakaran indah-indah ini,
aku bagai mula belajar berlari-- terima perkara baru,
sudah menepis ingatan lalu yang acap kali sentiasa mekar,
namun tidak mampu aku untuk membuangnya jauh,
lalu aku abadikan sebagai kenangan pahit yang suatunya ketika dahulu pernah membuat aku bahagia.

terima kasih,
walau jauh,
semakin jauh,
     hilang dari pandangan mata.

first entry of twenty-seventeen


Little Things

Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me
But bear this in mind, it was meant to be
And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I'll love them endlessly

I won't let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if I do
It's you
Oh it's you
They add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

You can't go to bed without a cup of tea
And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me

I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans
But you're perfect to me

I won't let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if it's true
It's you
It's you
They add up to
I'm in love with you
And all these little things

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you
And you'll never treat yourself right darlin' but I want you to
If I let you know I'm here for you
Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you, oh

I've just let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
'Cause it's you
Oh it's you
It's you they add up to
And I'm in love with you
And all these little things

I won't let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
But if it's true
It's you
It's you
They add up to
I'm in love with you
And all your little things

- One Direction

[ some photos of twenty-sixteen ]

 I am writing for ; the first entry of twenty-seventeen on 9th of Januanry 2017, unpredictable j.lo. I am currently working, so, I couldn't update any entry at all, since the workplace have the serious poor internet line, ugh.

But, let move on to the very new episode of January 2017'.


journey of 2016 ;
for me, it is a year fill with roller coaster, lots of it, as if I can say, even if I've planned it beautifully, still, It turns not as I wanted to or
it doesn't form anything at all, but it just sometimes. Well, as we have to know, Allah's plan are more beautiful than human's plan. Up and down in life are exist to test we as human on how to manage it with one reason ; to grab the achievement from the maze that are build up. Of course, every problems will have the ending or the resolution of it and etc—the experience that we gain from the problems that we manage it hardly.


Thankyou for those memories from a lot of people that I've known and we get through a year together, helping each other with a lot of hard moments along 2016. Somehow, I am so happy and excited to explore more upcoming days i 2017. May everything will be good, in shaa Allah.

For this 2017,
I've prepared a planner, of course. It is so needed since I did love to paint rainbows at the sky everyday and make the birds singing happily without any doubt. How I wish that my wish would turn great. auch 😍

"make this year about yourself. write a journal with your thoughts and ideas, take care of yourself and remind yourself to put your well-being first, acquire new skills, learn a language, set yourself goals to achieve, and study for your future. you will thank yourself later."

— tumblr
 N E W   B E G I N N I N G

If I have learn anything this year, it is I won't ever be ready for what life throws at me. I won't have the right words when it counts ; I won't know what to choose when fate itself is staring me down. But now I know I don't always need to have the right answer.

I've learned I can go on waiting for something, sustained by hope and nothing more—or I can put it aside and shrug my shoulders. Bravely accept the fact that I can't keep my heart safe any more than I can stop love from taking everything from me.

 I have learned to stop saying yes when I don't mean it—to alive authentically as I know how. To allow the tips of my fingers to skirt the darkness, as long as I remember to keep my eyes fixed on the light. And as one door opens and another closes, I will move forward with the knowledge that unlike so many others, I have another year ahead of me—another shot at making it all the way around the sun, and a chance to get it right this time around.

 Lang Leav

semoga menjalani hari-hari yang baru dengan penuh perkara yang dapat menenangkan jiwa.
from Ezzat Eddy ; Hope for amazing day and if it is not, it's okay because it just a bad day not a bad life.

[ Hello 2017 ]

lovely things

someone who can't contain their smile when they see you
seeing the colours blend together smoothly while doing art
putting on your favourite perfume
laughing so much you can't breathe
walking into familiar bookshop
day when you let nothing get to you
taking photographs and capturing moments in journal
wearing your favourite coat
seeing a message notification from someone who means a lot to you
picking strawberries at a local farm
glitter in the sand and in the sea water
little ephemeral moments when you're happy to be alive.

source; flowerais