Thursday, May 31, 2018

sudden note

it is never a false at trying,
but somehow—they judge,
and from there
it has turn to be a fault.


it is a step to something bigger
and no one can predict how the future would be.

Even if the failure come again,
don't stop trying,
because your efforts make it looks bigger.

dear self,
keep fighting for better.

self-note sometimes can be so good, I am impress with the outcome sometimes.
e.g.: "whoaaa, you made it to the end, jija? wow, that's great, congrats then!"
        *hugs myself*

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

words from old journal

duhai sang jiwa
yang sudah tetapnya hanya pada dunia,
jauh pergimu aku menanti,
tidak mengharap supaya kembali,
indah jalan susurmu
sentiasa aku ingini,
agar bahagia bersama pilihan hati.

flip through old journal and found this one that I've made,
(( wow.....I always wrote these kind of words, i guess? ))
feeling super nostalgic (at the moment), so it need to be spread, heee.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

the notes in pink

[ reveal some pages from my journal ]

I loves wwwooorrrdddsss!
So, I kept almost most of it especially quotes, and when mom says something meaningful to me, and when tumblr and pinterest always have those stuff and you can just click it and pick up your pen and jot it down, I love it!

I am super excited, so do check these out;

I built a section in journal which is for keeping words that I found, and I think it is so cute! Eventhough I don't really into pink-ish, it's cute—

it is just some of it, there's more, of course—

why does everyone run away from me?

don't go.


the only saying on earth
that has the power to make
you step back and take
a good look at what you gained,
and not what you lost

and I was stabbed thousands of times,
until it feel painful not to be stabbed.

I choose more that can motivate me the most as I would open to these pages and read it over again and smile with all of the calmness ✨

and if I die,
forgive me.

I'm in love!

so what is your favourite section of your journal?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

the pain #4

she keep falling
and it leave marks,
every time.

but she can't ever share the pain
she feels like the surrounding is laughing at her
and put all the blame on her.

she feels heavy
a burden without any help


she try to do as hard as she can
to pick up all the strength 
and want to raise up again.

until it doesn't hurt anymore
and her smile does not look sincere

people are asking

what is wrong with her?
countless time

so she answer,
it is all because of me, myself.