Friday, November 18, 2016

eighteen of november

people always want to be the first -- who wish for the best for their favorite person in every of the important events. I want to be the first and the last. Simple at the first, but meaningful at the last. 

So, here is the last;
(but I keep it simple and short)

I am writing this with thousand of feelings that gather around me. Today is your day, your born-day (and what's wrong with me being so excited? lol-). To support you in every little big things in life that would bring good to you are always important, for me. My happiness will always be with you. 

Do you ever feel that the time flies too fast? I do. It has been likely 5 years that we've been known each other. And right now, that I am writing for you, all of the memories that we've created together are passing through my mind, one by one.

Hurm, how I miss all those memories when we are classmate for three years. I still remember the first day I met you, awh it is a beautiful memory to talk to. I still remember how we used to react when we meet each other every time at school-- to shy to talk (it is only at school, but too friendly at social networks, did you guys get it?), and still the same till now (what?!). Definitely, more memories that I remember -- but the most important, we always support each other in studies. And of course we try so hard to show off our talents πŸ˜‚.


Hey, I still remember when I stay for your futsal practice/ tournament and others. The main reason to stay is to cheer you up, but, of course I am bored all the time, waiting for you! Heee but who cares when I can see you're smiling happily for winning the game and running towards me for just to inform the good news of yours 😎 I've told you, I'll always be happy for you.
Oh, also I'm sorry because I couldn't attend more of your important events. λ―Έμ•ˆ ν•΄μš”


Every humans would have their bad days including you and me. In your bad days that you will never tell me that it is a bad day for you, but, you'd treat me so good, thankyou and sorry, sometimes I didn't notice those things that actually supposed to be important-- has been neglected by me.
So, keeping all of your though and opinions are not good for yourself, sometimes. You just have to manage it well.

Applause for you who always know how to manage the situation when we're fighting over unimportant things. I am grateful for this and for trying so hard to not trying to make me more angry, cause you know, I am the one who always got angry the most (even if I am the one who's wrong) (ah that's a shame).  t h a n k    y o u 🌱


Wuu, today is your day.
I hope you will always in a good condition even if were are miles away. Take care of your health, play sports like you always did. May Allah bless you and always in Allah's care. Thankyou for all the love and support,
I appreciate all of it πŸ’•

For the last,
sorry, it is short - last minute preparation

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